What do I need to bring to the SAT on test day?

Here’s a helpful list of things you need to bring with you on test day, plus some additional tips.

The Required Stuff

  1. A printed copy of your admission ticket.
    • They won’t allow you in if you only have a copy on your phone.
  2. An acceptable form of photo ID.
    • Acceptable forms of ID include unexpired government-issued IDs, such as a driver’s license, passport, military ID or national ID; or a current school ID card.
    • Credit or debit cards are not considered acceptable, and neither is your social security card, birth certificate, or your ID for work.
  3. At least two #2 pencils, plus an eraser.
    • Pens, highlighters, and similar writing instruments won’t be allowed, so don’t bring them.
  4. working calculator.
    • Acceptable calculators include graphing and scientific calculators, like the one you probably already use in your math class.

Some Optional Stuff

  1. If you’re using a mechanical pencil, make sure it works and you have some extra lead. If you’re using a non-mechanical pencil, bring along a sharpener, too.
  2. Some extra batteries for your calculator, just in case.
  3. Nutritious snacks and drinks during the break — trust me, you’ll want this. Bringing along some nuts is a great bet, plus your favorite fruit/vegetable and a bottle or two of water. Just this once, try and stay away from the unhealthy stuff 😉
  4. The room you’re taking the SAT should have a clock in it, but some people find it helpful to bring along their own watch too. Just make sure it’s not one of those annoying ones that randomly beep and buzz all the time, because those aren’t allowed.

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